-Ideas.Ted.com feature
-Gallery: The art and science of museum dioramas
Very Hononred to be featured on the Ted.com website-- on their ideas Blog. They tell about my experience working with Natural History Museums making Museum Dioramas- the history, the techniques, and the philosophy

PBS and WXXI- Arts in Focus- RMSC diorama
The show, which is produced in Rochester NY, did a piece on a room sized Diorama that I helped to restore. The show documents the many people and many tasks involved in how we brought the 1838 Rochester diorama back from sqauler.

-LOUD COW reviewed in the Rochester City Newspaper!
I love the free weekly newspapers that you can find around specific towns, and I love the City Paper of Rochester, Very proud to have an article written up about my new alternative art space by local great Rebecca Rafferty.

-Introducing Loud Cow, an artist-run alternative art space
Let me dazzle you with words that come
to mind when 2 Loud Cows is explained: Artist-run, Edgy,
Experimental Art Space, a non-non profit (we want zero money),
contemporary, Open access, and more!

-Democrat and Chronicle feature article
A crew a three artists
spent 9 months restoring an old Minature Museum Diorama of Rochester NY in 1838.....The local paper looked into it- Link Here to read.

-Tedx Innovations- The (not so) lost art od Museum Dioramas
Tedx.com focused a light on a talk I gave about dioramas, their importance, and their purpose.

-TEDX Talk-Flower City 2016 speaker
MyTEDx Tak was titled Dioramas: Part Art, Part Science where I went on-and-on about how cool dioramas are... it was a tremendous experience.

-DNAinfo Chicago
A short article on my work at the Field Museum. This was released in conjunction with the opening of the Striped Hyena Habitat Diorama at the Field Museum. The Hyena Diorma is on permant display

-I"m on the Brain Scoop!!
the popular YouTube series takes a look at the Mural I painted for the Striped Hyena Diorama at the Field Museum.

-Striped Hyena Diorama opens January 27th 2016 at the Field Museum
full-sized Habitat Diorama on striped Hyenas, the first such diorama at the museum for decades is currently underway. The mural I am painting is large, 17 feet tall by 40 feet long, and it shows a Somalian desert at daybreak, Aug 6th, 1896. Even the sky's constellations and moon phase are accurate. The goal is to reproduce a very specific ecosystem.

-This is cool!, a short documentary about something I built, it's called- "Scaling Down"
short documentary by film maker Greg Mercer. This is a pretty awesome short doc about how we built a complex diorama for the Hall of China at the Field Museum in 2015. It shows the level of craftmanship required, and highlights the interdisicplinary nature of the work. It was accepted into the San Diego Film Festival for Short Documentary.

-Announcing my new Fabrication Studio!
Walking Stick Studio
I am doing for other museums and for other artists what I do for the Field Museum- make and fabricate objects for exhibtions.  Please visit the site and make a mental note.

-4 Dioramas on Neolithic China for the Field Museum
Opening in July of 2015 and up permantly in the Cryus Tang Hall of China.   I made 4 Dioramas of Neolithic villages in different parts of China.  Original oil paintings as backdrops.  1:48 scale, so a 5 foot tall person is represented as one-and-a-quater-inch model. 
Click here to watch "Scaling Down", a short documentary by film maker Greg Mercer about how I built one of them.

-FLAT 14
Saturday, June 29, 2013, 7pm - 10pm
FLAT 14 will feature work from Aaron Delehanty, Max Garett and Hui-min Tsen, alongside resident FLAT artists Catie Olson and EC Brown.

Co-Prosperity school comes through again with a presentation of work by School Members alongside invited artists. To read an essay on on thoughts of triangulation by Jessica Cochran click here--- TRIANGULATION

-MDW Fair
November, 2012
Co-Prosperity Sphere Booth.

-Object Petit Ahh...
April 14, 2012, 6pm, Co-Prosperity Sphere, Chicago, IL
Curated by Dayton Castleman and Matthew Dupont
Follow-up exhibition to 2009's Objet Petit A. The exhibition and destruction of artist-made pinatas.

-Group Show at Hinge Gallery
Hinge Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of a group exhibition January 14 from 6 – 9 pm at 1955 West Chicago Avenue featuring the work of six notable emerging artist curated by Hinge Gallery. This exhibition will include painting, drawing, sculpture and a performance piece. On Valentine's Day weekend I will resurrect the Monster Movie Seminar to the delight of the World.

-MDW Fair- Fall Version
Solo-show with the Fill-in-the-Blank Gallery , showing new paintings along with an installation. At the opening night festivities I will perform my Psychiatric Help booth with Tricia van Eck, as a part of her Happiness Project.
Held October 21-23rd, 2011 at The Geolofts, 3636 S. Iron Street, Chicago

-Logan Square Literary Review
Featured artist in the fall addition. When you find the publication be sure to look through it to read fasinating stories with my kick-ass paintings shown throughout.

-Fnews Magazine
Ania Szremski did an incredible job writing an article called- Getting Schooled--- about the Artist-run school movment under way. She gave my school, the Co-Prosperity School, a lot of attention, you should read it.

-MDW Fair
The booth operated by the Fill-in-the-Blank Gallery will be hosting "Mind-Maps" done by studets of the Co-Prosperity School. The maps are projects that students of the school create in order to display the territory of the chicago art world that they have navagated.
Held April 23-24, 2011 at The Geolofts, 3636 S. Iron Street, Chicago

-Knee Jerk Magazine
Knee-Jerk Offline, Vol. 1, featuring fiction, essays, Reviews of Things, artwork, comics, illustrations, and lists.
Some of my work is featured in the worlds most anticipated new magazine.

-Group Show
Packer Schopf Gallery
Open in January, 2011

-Flesh and Bone
Hyde Park Art Center & the Co-Prosperity Sphere
Holloween Weekend 2010, come to both venues Fri. & Sat. to fullfill the promise of Holloween
Curated slash organ~ized by Strephanie Burke, Jeriah Hildwine and Annie Heckman

-Art Loop Open
Hard Rock Hotel, October 2010
if you look deep into the darkest shadow of the Hard Rock Hotel you might see my painting
Chicago Art Dealers Association Award Winner, Packer Schopf Gallery

-Visible Cities
Curated by Laura Elayne MIller
Invisible Cities is an interdisciplinary art exhibition displaying artistic mappings of the city environment.
Work Studio
, Chicago, October 8-10, 2010

-Migration Show
Douglas Park Cultural and Community Center
Exhibition opens Saturday October 2, 2010 and runs through October 20th.

-Ariel Radock interview with Aaron Delehanty
A disscussion about my recent work and my show at the {fill-in-the-blank} Gallery.

-Co-Prosperity School
This artist run school co-produced with Ed Marszewski is designed to change the face of the contemporary art world of Chicago. We invite in weekly guest speakers to discuss the current scene with a small group of active citizens of the Chicago art world.

Read the kind words for the school in Paul Klein's Art Letter

-Visible City: Map Room
Solo show at the {Fill-in-the-Blank} Gallery
Opens July 9th, 2010, closes August 3rd, 2010

Bad-at-Sports top 5

-Version Fest 2010 Group Show
Territories, a group exhibition
Zhou B. Art Center
Curated by Dayton Castleman & Ed Marszewski
Opens Thursday April 22, 2010
Also, I have donated a piece for a fundraising raffle on April 3rd down at the Co-prosperity Sphere

-Faculty Group Show
Lill Street Art Center
opens Saturday May 3rd, 2010 and goes till June 1st.

The latest thing to come out of the mind of the Snacker Jeriah Hildwine.
A group show of sorts about the VHS tape, Movies, and Sex. I will be re-presenting the Monster Movie Seminar
The Op Shop
Saturday, April 17th, 2010- Hyde Park

-50 Alderman/50 Artist
Group Show of artist trying to figure out what the hell an alderman is.
Friday, March 19, 2010 from 7-11pm
Johalla Projects Gallery
1561 N. Milwaukee Ave, Chicago

This show is being re-incarnated at the Chicago Photography Center
Opening party Fri 4/30 2010 from 7-9 PM
Show runs through Fri 5/28, 2010

Read the Chicago Trbune Article

-The Monster Movie Seminar
A Freaky-Deaky night of Monster Fights is the result of a year long residency
at Lill Street Art Center
Totaly badd-ass awesome shit
Valentines Day, 2010

Read a Preview by Tom Lynch of NewCity
Read a Review by Brian Kirst of Horror Society-Chicago

-Proximity Magazine
issue #5, studios

-"Visible City"
Solo exhibition at Finestra Art Space in the Fine Arts Building, Chicago
Download the Press Release
opening Friday May 8th, 2009, 5-9

Read review by Monica Westin in Newcity
Read review by Daniel Tucker in the Chicago Journal

-"Psychiatric Help!"
Versionfest 09- Immodest Proposals
NFO XPO -April 25 & 26 2009, 1pm - 8pm
at the Benton House, Chicago

Read review by Abraham Ritchie in Newcity
Read review by Bad_at_sports.com

-Drawing and Painting Residency
August 09-August 10
Lill Street Art Center

-An Interview with Aaron Delehanty by Lauri Apple

-"Lumetype Exhibition"
Caro d'Offay Gallery, Chicago
Opening August 8th, 2008

-"Selections from New American Paintings, Pacific Edition 2007"
dba256 Gallery
December 8, 2007-February 2, 2008
Pomona, California

-New American Paintings,No 73
    Pacific Coast Edition
    December 07-January 08

    Patricia Sweetow Gallery
   July 2- August 11 2007
   San Francisco, CA