>>Selected Paintings


>>Replication Work

>>Escaped Animals, 2014

>>Map Project, 2009

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Social based art:

>>Co-Prosperity School

>>Monster Movie Seminar 2009-12

>>Collection of Reading Suggestions taken from Artworld types 2012

>>Psychiatric Help, 2009-11...


Dioramas: Part Art, Part Science, TEDx Talk I did in November 2016

"Dioramas are a window into another world. These old-school works of art are still being created today by museums to help tell stories about science--here's how they're made."

"Scaling Down" is a short documentary by fimmaker Greg Mercer.

"Painting the Diorama" is an episode of The Brain Scoop that takes of look at the process of making a life-sized habitat diorama of Striped Hyenas. I had the honor of being the muralist.