The Monster Movie Seminar is a multi-form performance event of art and oddness that celebrates the different manifestations of FEAR reified in Monster form. The Monster Movie Seminar dissects, deconstructs, chronologically mythifies, illuminates and educates everything that it is that we love about freakin' Monsters. The main event is a 120 minute video montage from Monster Movies compliled and narrated by the Monster Movie Genius Matt Fagan of Brainstorm Comics. In Fagan's words, 'Monsters give form to our nebulous fears, they help us find ways to sympathize with the most inhuman of creatures, and they inspire craftsmen in the film industry to achieve incredible new heights of artistry. And they give us the opportunity to see men in huge, uncomfortable suits stepping on tiny buildings while a march by composer Akira Ifukube plays in the background!'

I have curated in some opening acts before the main event including my own Powerpoint presentation on an actual recipe from Alchemy on how to create a basisilisk. To date the event has been performed 3 times- at Lill Street in Chicago in 2009, at the Op Shop in Hyde Park in 2010, and at Hinge Gallery in the Ukranian Village in 2012.

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